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Booking & Planning

Booking is the easy part. After we meet and once you're completely happy with the whole process, you simply have to say "We want to book you!!!". It's that simple. I'll raise an invoice for the deposit, and when it's paid the booking is 100% confirmed.

Quite a few couples like the idea of an engagement shoot. Essentially, we find a place that's just like you, and we capture beautiful images. Unlike on the wedding day, where everything is very restricted with time, these sessions can last 1-2, sometimes 3 hours. We have the time to walk around and explore different environments. This is an extra, but it's highly recommended (and oh so much fun!).

Two months before the wedding, I'll send you a list of questions. We'll be planning the day in it's minutiae: where to start, timings, mobile nos. for you two, the maid of honour and the best man (just in case!), a list for the formal photos, etc. We can also schedule another call at this stage. Then we're all set for the big day!

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