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Bryan's Proposal to Su-Mae

SHE SAID YES! Here's the story. About a week ago, Bryan contacted me from Singapore. He and Su-Mae, his girlfriend, were coming back to the UK. It's here that they met while completing their degrees. Bryan booked a stay atKite Hill Yurts, our little yurt glampsite, where he wanted to propose. He wanted me to be there and capture everything. Bryan and I conspired some kind of reason for my presence around them in the field. "I'm just here to show you how to get to the footpath." I thought that was convincing enough. Until Su-Mae asked "So why are you carrying two cameras?". "Oh - erm - it's faster than changing lenses... for wildlife photography." I'm not going to win any awards here. At least she sort of politely believed me. We followed our little plan, went uphill. They walked up to the spot where I had placed a chair for Su-Mae. The rest is, well, just pure happiness. See for yourself:

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