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Last Autumn. Katie and Richard's awesome wedding. It seems like almost a lifetime have flown past since! I've been neglecting this section of my website. So let's rectify this!

When Katie and Richard contacted me, I was just able to fit them in my super busy calendar. Their date was my last availability of 2016. And oh I'm so glad they booked! We met and talked over a cup of coffee. Immediately they got what I was about and it was exactly what they wanted. Something different, fun, certainly not cheesy, and somewhat artsy.

Their wedding didn't let down. I knew within the first 5 minutes after arriving how the day was going to pan out. That "Hen house" at Lemore was filled with smiling, drinking and laughing bridesmaids. It was going to be a good day. Oh, and did I mention the warm, sunny breeze? Yeah, that, too!

The day was packed full of emotions, lots of laughter, some tears of joy and a truly awe-inspiring party.

For full disclosure, and before the guests mention it, yes, I did fall in the fountain. And yes, I would do it again to get the confetti shot!

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