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"Love is a kind of warfare." -Ovid

Many congratulations to Baz + Chelsey!! They tied the knot yesterday at the two thousand years old site of The Roman Baths! It's a museum by day, wedding venue at night which meant we had a late late after-dark ceremony!

They celebrated all this with their (oh very cute and ever so curious!) son Zack and all their family & friends. It was an epic party which ended well after 1am with an insane best-of Queen performed by The Wildcard (!

We had the great pleasure of meeting Tom from Patch Pictures who captured everything on video. He's extremely talented - check him out here: I'm kinda (extremely!) picky but I would even entrust him with capturing my own wedding.

Thank you so SO much Chelsey and Baz for allowing us to capture your wedding fully, and without compromise. We had so much fun documenting it's story!

Dominic & Ruby xx :-)

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