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Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it. -Nicholas Sparks

Louise & Paul. Oh these two beautiful people tied the knot yesterday. And it was amazing.

They shared everything with their two (ridiculously gorgeous!!!) daughters and all the people they love. It was also a reunion for Paul's band. After 14 years, they came back together and played their classics. You guys rocked!

We left having made new friends. Louise and Paul, you are truly wonderful human beings. It was a great honour to be there to capture your wedding. Thank you.

Dominic & Ruby x :-)

It was wonderful working at the King Arthur Hotel , The Gower . Such a beautiful place, and right next to this wonderfully dramatic moorland.

We spent the day with James and Corey from Posh Bear. They filmed everything masterfully. I wholeheartedly recommend them!! Hope to work again with you soon guys!!

We do see very good magicians, but Adam James Reeves is truly epic. Check him out!

Paul's band opened for Los Devitos - wedding and party band. They were just incredible! So full of energy. Extremely talented! I wasn't surprised though. I knew Paul would pick an awesome band.