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BEST OF 2019

When you think about it, our work is really weird. Some may ask: Is it even work? Well, we do feel tired after it, it keeps us very busy, and it does pay the bills - so I guess it counts. What we do is unusual though. People in love talk to us, ask us to go some place, some time, and we then take photos all day long. What we do is capture emotions, moments, for a lifetime of memories. I say "capture", but really we're talking about emotions here. Emotions aren't "capturable" as such, and since our cameras don't yet photograph the soul, we're left with the following method to do our work. It goes like this: 90% hard work, 10% technique, cover everything with love and passion. Tadaaa! Oh and I'm so cheesy! But really, I don't quite know how we get these photos. What I know is that everything somehow comes together into something that can even be called beautiful and meaningful! We follow our instinct, and we want the photos to tell the truth. The truth, and the story, about the most significant day in two people's lives.

We can do this because of all the gorgeous people you see down there. They are the ones allowing us to be there and capture it all. They are the ones trusting us with their most precious memories. And we are so thankful for it all!

And here we are, in 2020. A year which has already provided so much time for contemplation and longing for a time past where everything seemed simpler. Not long ago, mind you. Just last year. That year was 2019 AD, and it was a pure delight.

At long last. Here are my favourites from 2019.

Thank you, to all of you. We love you!

Dominic & Ruby x