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Your Photos

After the wedding is over, when the lights are turned on and your guests head for their room, we pack our gear. We always leave you with a big hug. We survived this together!

The morning after the wedding, with our legs still aching from the 400+ squats we did the day before, we'll start to work on your sneak peeks. We're excited to see what we captured, and we can't wait to share it with you! Expect to be floored by 40-60 epic shot before the end of the day. 

We'll then start working on your full gallery. Every image is personally hand-edited edited by Dominic. When they're all ready, you'll have complete access to your 600-900 photos in full resolution. All of them available in three collections: 1) All in colour, 2) All in black and white, and 3) Curated Mix (Mixed colour and B&W). Your online gallery will be live for at least 12 months. 

When the photos are ready, we'll send you a beautiful customised wooden box with all your images on a USB stick, as well as a few prints. They are your photos, without any silly watermarks, and you are free to print them, share them, and keep them for future generations.

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